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What others say about the book:

Amazingly beautiful well-written book about our breed! Good advice. Beautiful pictures and cute short stories. I’m impressed! The authors should be very proud! / Sophie Wiegant

Thanks for the great book with good tips! It is lovely to look in it! We are already busy teaching Bruno more things! / Sonja Esselbrugge

Dear Brigitte and Elisabeth, what a great book, full of story’s, know-how and beautiful pictures (WELL DONE).  Thank you for this wonderfull book about our breed… a must for the barbet lovers. / Hans van der Zand

Got my copy of the book last Friday and spent the weekend reading it. Loads of information and inspiration!  I would really recommend breeders to give a copy of the book to the puppy buyers when they visit the first time. During that time until they can take their new family member home, they will be very open to information and eagerly read and prepare for the new life Barbet style. / Eva Franklin

Today I received the book. It has become very great and I want to congratulate you for this comprehensive work. Lots of information and really wonderful images of different Barbet. / Marion Monar

Very well written book with very nice photos. / Majorie van der Linden